BODET Sport : FIBA certification renewal

logo-fibaThe work with FIBA sportive associations is essential to offer basketball scoreboards and video solutions in accordance with the International rules and respecting the required equipment and facilities.

FIBA Certificates offer a serious quality guarantee and a strong competitive advantage.

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The 2017 Handball championship with Bodet Sport

Logo France 2017 HandballThe Metz and Brest arenas, equipped with Bodet Sport Solutions, are hosting the 2017 HANDBALL world championship which is taking place in France from January 11 to January 29

The Metz arena (5200 seats) is equipped with a 44m² (total area) video cube with a pitch of 6mm making it one of the largest and most beautiful video screens in sport arenas in France.

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Bodet Video solutions for an optimum communication

cube video led bodetThe video cube is made of four LED screens which allow the display of scores, live images of the match, video of the public as well as advertisement from the sponsors.

Every spectator can then make the most of all the game information.
This installation offers a double advantage for the clubs and the arenas since it makes it possible to enjoy better matches and to sell advertisement space.

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New Bodet scoreboard with Individual foul panel

BT6103The new Individual Foul Panel BT6103N enables you to select player number from 0, 00, to 99 and to be FIBA compliant.

The following new scoreboards are launched with Individual Foul Panels, they are specified with N mark: BT6215N, BT6215N ALPHA, BT6220N, BT6220N ALPHA, BT6220N Plus, BT6225N, BT6225N ALPHA.

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Bodet Sport leader in Sport performance with its last innovation…

boite pupitre tactile
After two years of research and development, Bodet is pleased to launch the new Touchscreen Keyboard SCOREPAD.
User-Friendly and easy to use, the New Scorepad keyboard controls Bodet scoreboards.

Basketball, football, handball, volleyball and tennis are managed by Scorepad and more sports beginning of 2017.

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Bodet Sport in Austrian News Paper Sport Zeitung

partner-angers-scoBodet is the Major partner of Angers SCO French football club and is internationally recognised.

BODET confirms its commitment in high level sport performance. The Austrian newspaper Sport Zeitung presented all clubs playing in Ligue 1 of which Angers SCO is a competing team. The newspaper chose to illustrate its publication with a superb photo of a SCO football player wearing Bodet shirt.

Bodet is the successful Partner of Angers SCO for the second year.

BODET 40 years of Sport Leadership ! More information on Bodet Sport

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Open LFB 2106 competition timed by Bodet in Paris !

open-LFB-basketThe 12th edition of the French OPEN LFB took place this past weekend. The competition, which marked the beginning of the Ligue Feminine de Basketball (Woman Basketball League) season, was staged in La Halle Carpentier in Paris.

Once again, the spectators were able to attend to six high level games, among them, the « Match of Champions » between Lattes Montpelier (LFB 2016 French champion and winner of the French Cup) against Bourges (finalist of the AccordHotels Arena tournament last May).

La Halle Carpentier is equipped with two 15m² BODET LED video screens (pitch 10), BT6120 Alpha scoreboards, BT6008 shot clocks.

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Le Mans Aréna Stadium in France


The stadium in Le Mans is equipped with a BODET scoreboard dedicated to football in order to have a system complementary to the video screen to handle the scoring.

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Bodet Sport at the Disneyland Paris Leaders Cup


The Disneyland Paris Leaders Cup is a yearly basketball competition between the 8 best teams of the Pro A league.
Organized by the LNB (National League of Basketball), the competition took place in the Disney Events Arena of Disneyland Paris, from Friday, February 19, to Sunday, February 21.

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Bodet Sport livens up the new sport hall in Bourges in France

tango-bourges-basket-logoThe new Prado arena in Bourges was inaugurated on October 14th during the "Nuits Lumières".

The players of the women team Tango Bourges Basket club dedicated the floor during a Euroleague game against Ekateringburg (Russia)
In order to create a unique spectacle during every match, the city of Bourges and the club selected Bodet Sport video display solutions.

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What equipment to choose for arenas?

BODET scoreboards for arenasAn arena is a venue capable of hosting spectacles, concerts or sporting events.

Bodet recommends video equipment such as LED screens, perimeter display or video cubes which will help to galvanise the sporting events and sell advertisement space to partners and announcers.

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Bodet Sport equips the Eurobasket championship!

eurobasket 2015From 5th to 20th September 2015, Eurobasket championship organised by FIBA Europe will be hosted in France, Germany, Croatia and Latvia. Two sites were selected by the FIBA to welcome the matches in France: Arena of Montpellier and Pierre Mauroy Stadium of Lille Métropole.

During this event, Bodet Sport will provide both sites with scoring equipment and Video software Videosport.

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Bodet supplier of famous Lisboan football club


The most successful Portuguese club has hired Bodet scoreboards to outfit its training field.

BT2045 scoreboard displays scores and game time, and can be outfitted with peripheral advertising panels. 

 A first class reference for BODET as Benfica won this year the Portuguese League Cup and the Primeira Liga!

BODET shows once again its ability to work with the greatest clubs across the globe.

More information on outdoor scoreboards BT2000

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BODET at ASPIRE4SPORT Congress Exhibition 2014


ASPIRE4SPORT Congress & Exhibition 2014 is a two-day exclusive event and networking session, taking place in Paris on 6 and 7 October.


The event featured a Global Summit related to Football Performance & Science, organised by Aspire Academy, which brought together leading football and performance optimisation specialists under one roof.

With more than 40 years of experience dedicated to Sport innovation and performance, Bodet offers advanced solutions together with a strong presence in Middle East countries.

 The ASPIRE4SPORT exhibition: A unique opportunity to meet Qatar’s sport industry leaders

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Bodet scores the FIBA World Cup 2014


The FIBA Basketball World Cup takes place in Spain from 30 August to 14 September 2014.

 BODET equipped Seville and Granada sport Halls with 4 BT6730 scoreboards and 4 BT6008.

An outstanding performance for BODET who confirms its leading position in high level sport. 


Bodet Marcadores deportivos Palacio Municipal Deportes Granada FIBA 2014

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