Basketball Scoreboard 8NT325 Alpha FS10

Display basketball scores with the 8NT325 Alpha FS10 scoreboard


Designed for national championships, 8NT325 Alpha FS10 offers a comprehensive list of features for displaying all the necessary match information, individual fouls and points with programmable player numbers.

This scoreboard is also suitable for handball and volleyball as set and penalty information can be displayed.



Scoreboards Technical Features of Basketball Scoreboard 8NT325 Alpha FS10

Display Game clock - Time , Game clock stop indicator, Scores, Period number , Time out countdown, Time out indicators, Team fouls , Individual fouls , Penalty times, Programmable teams' names, Results sets , Won sets, Programmable players' number, Points per player
Max digits height 25 cm
Max letters height 12 cm
Viewing angle 160°
Dimensions W3892 x H2000 x D65 mm
Optimal viewing distance 120 m
Environment Indoor use or under shelter
Horn Integrated
Communication Wireless 868 MHz or wired
Power supply 230V

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