LED perimeter display


Score points with your partners and advertisers

In arenas, sports halls and stadiums, LED perimeter displays have become vital when it comes to broadcasting sponsors' and advertisers' ads'

For both teams and communities, perimeter displays offer new revenue opportunities through the sale of advertising space during games.



  • Indoor and outdoor range.
  • Indoor LED perimeter display resolution (pitch in mm): P10.
  • Outdoor LED perimeter display resolution (pitch in mm): P16.

Product benefits

  • Robust and shockproof.
  • Protective foam padding to maximise safety.
  • Easy to transport using its side handles and simple to install and use.
  • Excellent readability regardless of the lighting conditions.


P10 indoor


p10 indoor

  • Maintenance: back side
  • Pitch: 10 mm

P16 outdoor


p16 outdoor

  • Maintenance: back side
  • Pitch: 16 mm


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