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Beach Soccer Scoreboards


Display your scores with our beach soccer scoreboards

At every level of the game, beach soccer scoreboards must display the score and the game time as a minimum. In addition to a Standard Scorepad, you can also opt for a Pocket Scorepad (remote-control format) for controlling the scoreboard during beach soccer competitions.


Bodet - Beach Soccer Scoreboard BTX6015

Viewing distance: 60 m
Dimensions: W1079 x H385 x D90,5 mm

Bodet - Football Scoreboard BT2025 Classic

Viewing distance: 120 m
Dimensions: W1500 x H1130 x D84,5 mm

Bodet - Pocket Scoreboard Keyboard

Dimensions : W90 x H145 x D30 mm

Bodet - Touch Screen Keyboard

Wireless or wired
Dimensions: W380 x H200 x D60 mm

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