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Outdoor team sports: scoring in a challenging environment

Sports display solutions for outdoor team sports

The practice of outdoor team sports requires specific equipment that can withstand outdoor conditions such as humidity, cold, or heat. Bodet Sport scoreboards are suitable for both indoor and outdoor demanding conditions. Scoreboards must withstand all climatic conditions as well as ball impacts for disciplines such as football or rugby.


Scoreboards for football and rugby

Which scoreboards to choose for football and rugby?

Football or rugby are common outdoor sports requiring scoreboards from the 2000 range. These are ideal for meeting the needs of outdoor team sports competitions to indicate goals or tries and offer greater visibility to all the public within the stadium.

  • 2025 scoreboards for departmental and regional competitions
  • 2045 scoreboards to offer greater visibility during national and international competitions with optimal readability up to 200 m.

All these scoreboards are available in several versions: Classic, Alpha or Club. For example, it is possible to customise team names with the 2025 Alpha scoreboard or having a different display format with the 2045 Club. The 2025 Classic version operates autonomously due to a solar power supply. Our scoreboards are suitable for outdoor environments and fit into the architecture of the facility.

LED video screen for outdoor team sports

Suitable for football competitions, the LED video screens display game information through the use of the SCOREPAD touch screen keyboard or the VIDEOSPORT software.

You can customise score display and broadcast content in order to animate your sporting events. You can look back on match highlights during half-time or also promote your partners. The video display therefore provide spectators with content throughout the match.

Control solutions for American football

How to control scoreboards and LED video screens for American football and batting sports?

American football is an outdoor team sport played on a field 120 yards long. It is essential to have sports display equipment providing optimal visibility in order to display information both for the public and players.

Baseball faces the same challenges as regards sports display during competitions taking place in stadiums. This sport involves two teams of nine players each, with an outfielder at each position and a pitcher. The purpose of the game is to score runs by hitting the ball thrown by the pitcher and running around the bases.

LED video screens are often used to display scores, player statistics as well as game information for American football and baseball.

Through the use of SCOREPAD, the sports display can provide detailed information on players, teams, and so on. All the information is being controlled from the touch screen keyboard and displayed on LED video screens.

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Is advertising an asset for team sport clubs?

Is advertising an asset for team sport clubs?

Offer advertising space in outdoor facilities hosting public. Perimeter LED screens are customisable video solutions for adapting the display space to your field. Advertisements are displayed via the VIDEOMEDIA software. Sponsors and partners can benefit from a dedicated advertising space with optimal visibility at the centre of the action and the match.

Perimeter LED screens are a dynamic alternative to static advertising inserts, since it is possible to customise the display for each game and promote the sponsors of each club.


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