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Bodet Sport: over 50 years of expertise in sports timing and scoring management

Scoreboards, control solutions and LED video screens manufacturer

Bodet Sport is a major player in sports timing and scoring management, both in France and worldwide. Founded in 1968, Bodet Sport has built its reputation through the quality of its services, the robustness of its scoreboards and its innovation for creating ergonomic control solutions compatible with multiple display media.

The Bodet group

Bodet Sport: a French manufacture

Our activities

Bodet Sport is an activity of the Bodet family group which benefits from the know-how of the Bodet Time & Sport industrial subsidiary. With over 180 employees on the historical site of Trémentines (France), Bodet Time & Sport puts innovation at the heart of its strategy.

Driven by innovation, Bodet Sport offers even more dynamic and efficient solutions.

Bodet Sport aims to develop solutions suitable for all types of sports facilities, regardless of sports and competition levels, and compliant with international regulations.

To that end, the offer is based around 4 ranges of products:

Bodet Sport ranges of products
  • Scoreboards: Scoreboards of all sizes for all sports and competition levels.
  • LED video screens: Tailor-made and turnkey solutions suitable for all sports facilities: standalone or integrated into a scoreboard, at the pitch side, suspended or in a cube, both for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Keyboards for scoring management: Solutions for managing game information in real time and for all sports: game clock, scores, fouls, points by player, time outs, and so on. These solutions are compatible with all display media: scoreboards, LED video screens, video cubes and TV screens.
  • Software for match animation: These software suites not only control scores but also match animations on one or several display media. They allow display of partner’s videos and sponsor’s advertisements.

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55 years


+1000 installations per year

+ 1000
installations per year

140 countries (international presence)

countries (international presence)

300 distributors


Over 50 years of expertise

  • 1968
    First scoreboardsFirst scoreboards
  • 1980
    Launch of the BT3000/4000 range of scoreboards. 7-segment lamp display. Microprocessor keyboard Launch of the BT3000/4000 range of scoreboards
  • 1990
    Launch of the BT5000/BT1000 range. 7-segment electromagnetic display Launch of the BT5000/BT1000 range
  • 2000
    Launch of the BT5000 HF/ BT1030/45 range Launch of the BT5000 HF/ BT1030/45 range
  • 2001
    Launch of the first version of VIDEOSPORT Launch of the first VIDEOSPORT software
  • 2006
    Launch of the BT6000/BT2000 range of scoreboards. Indoor and outdoor 7-segment LED display Launch of the BT6000/BT2000 range of scoreboards
  • 2012
    Launch of the new version of VIDEOSPORT and development of the VIDEOMEDIA software.development of the VIDEOMEDIA software
  • 2015
    Launch of the SCOREPAD touch screen keyboard Launch of the SCOREPAD touch screen keyboard
  • 2016
    Launch of the 8000 range of scoreboards. 7-segment LED display Launch of the 8000 range of scoreboards
  • 2019
    Launch of the self-refereeing solution accessible to all: SCOREAPPLaunch of the self-refereeing solution: SCOREAPP
  • 2021
    Evolution of the SCOREPAD touch screen keyboard with more than 30 sportsEvolution of the SCOREPAD touch screen keyboard
  • 2022
    New version of the VIDEOSPORT & VIDEOMEDIA softwareNew version of the VIDEOSPORT & VIDEOMEDIA software
The French expertise of Bodet Sport

A French expertise

Since its creation in 1968, the Bodet group subsidiary never stopped innovating. Bodet Sport products are designed and manufactured at our production site in Trémentines (France) featuring a surface area of 14,000 m².

On our site are available:

  • the technical division with its R&D, sales, customer support, quality, purchasing and marketing departments.
  • the historical production centre comprising the metal, paint, carpentry, plastics, electronics and assembly workshops.

With the integration of this know-how, we can guarantee all our customers consistent product quality.

The Bodet Sport quality through the ISO 9001 standard

The quality signature of Bodet Sport

Bodet Sport design, production and service have been ISO 9001 certified since 1997 and aim to provide quality and customer satisfaction.

The ISO 9001 standard ensures the capacity of Bodet Sport to provide quality products, compliant with standards and regulations in force, respecting deadlines.

Bodet Sport, committed to protecting the planet

Bodet Sport, committed to protecting the planet

In a virtuous sustainable development approach for its products, the industrial production site of Trémentines has been ISO 14001 certified since 2011. Bodet Sport teams are committed to a continuous improvement approach on a daily basis to reduce the environmental impact of scoreboards and keyboards.

Over 30 years of partnerships







Cholet Basket

Cholet Basket

Étoile Angers Basket

Étoile Angers Basket

Angers SCO

Angers SCO

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