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For high-precision refereeing of basketball matches

Electronic whistle

The Bodet Sport electronic whistle is an innovative, reliable and highly accurate product which allows stopping the game immediately. This compact and lightweight whistle is perfect for basketball referees both during amateur and high-level matches.

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Stopping the game is just one whistle away

Stopping the game is just one whistle away!

The Bodet Sport electronic whistle is very effective since it can stop the scoreboard stopwatch in a single whistle blow. The detection of the whistle blow is based on a patented concept which ensures excellent reliability, whatever the level of ambient noise.

Designed and manufactured entirely in France by Bodet Sport teams, this concentrate of technology fits into a compact and lightweight box. It is easy to clip to the referee’s belt due to its small size and its weight of 62g (half the weight of a smartphone), and barely visible.

Easy to use and compatible with all approved whistles for basketball refereeing

Easy to use and compatible with all approved whistles for basketball refereeing

Its easy-to-use multi-zone system allows for fast and reliable selection of the chosen communication channel. Besides, the Bodet electronic whistle system is compatible with approved whistles for refereeing basketball games. All referee’s boxes communicate with the central keyboard of the scoring table via radio, thus enabling the operator to supervise the correct operation of the stopwatch.

Is the battery low? Forgetting to charge the battery will no longer be a problem! The referee will no longer be caught off guard as the box comes with a LR6/AA standard battery. A new standard battery (or a recharged NiMH accumulator) ensures a battery life for refereeing at least 4 consecutive games.

Product benefits

Bodet Sport, partner of federations

more Bodet Sport, partner of federations

Official FIBA partner for over 20 years, FIBA 3x3 and FFBB.

Compliant with basketball regulations

more Compliant with basketball regulations

Electronic whistle suitable for refereeing amateur and high-level basketball games.

French manufacture

more Manufactured in France

Electronic whistle designed in the Bodet production site in France. ISO 14001 certified production site due to its good environmental performance.

Possible sports



3X3 Basketball

3X3 Basketball

Technical information

  • Communication mode: radio
  • Multi-zone system: yes
  • Battery life: At least 4 games (new batteries or charged accumulator)
  • Referee’s box fixing: with a clip - to be worn on the referee’s belt
  • Compatible with the following whistles:
    • FOX: Mini, 40 Classic, 40 Sonik
    • MOLTEN: Dolfin Pro, Dolfin B, Blazza Titanium
  • Compatible with the following scoreboards:
    • Bodet: 8000 range of scoreboards using the Scorepad keyboard
    • other brands: please contact us
  • Power supply: LR6 1.5 V AA (or NiMH accumulator)
  • Included: a keyboard for the operator connected to the main keyboard (stopwatch start/stop management), 4 referees boxes with microphone cable, a strap and a storage bag.
Technical information electronic whistle

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