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Stadiums are very large outdoor sporting venues designed to showcase top level national and international competitions. In general, stadiums are equipped with scoreboards and LED display solutions: 2 giant LED screens at both ends of the field and LED perimeter display.

Discover an example of typical installations combining Bodet scoreboards and LED video solutions for stadiums.

Stadium  LED video screen BT2045 Alpha LED perimeter display

Product information

BT2045 Alpha
Customisable display of team names.
Designed for stadiums hosting regional, national and international competitions.


Video screen
Size: 9m², 12m², 15m², 20m² and 30m².
Pitch: 16 or 20mm.
Display of advertisements, scores and all other multimedia items.


LED perimeter display
Displays advertisers' ads.
Pitch: 10 or 20mm.


Video controller
Controls all LED video equipment.


Software suite
Manages and plans the display on the LED perimeter and on the video cube.


Controls the scoreboard and the video screen.


Why choose a Bodet scoreboard?

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    Availability & Proximity
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