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More than 50 years of expertise providing sports display solutions for basketball

Scoring solutions dedicated to basketball

Founded in the 19th century in the United-States, basketball is today one of the most practised sports in the world. Bodet Sport offers many scoreboards, different video display supports and control solutions especially designed for displaying, refereeing and managing basketball scores.


FIBA certified scoreboards

FIBA certified scoreboards

Subject to many technical tests, our scoreboards are compliant with 2020 FIBA and FFBB regulations. These tests ensure their reliability whatever the need, by adapting them to the requirements of international competitions and small clubs leisure training.

Perfect for medium-sized sports halls hosting competitions at departmental and regional level, The 8025-F6 FIBA certified LEVEL 2 scoreboard displays scores, team names, team fouls (red square), time-out indicators, players names as well as individual fouls.

The FIBA LEVEL 2 certified 8T125-F6 scoreboard displays scores, the player’s number, team fouls (red square), and the time-out countdown thanks to its 4 yellow digits of 15 cm.

Designed for basketball international competitions, the 6730 14P H15 FIBA LEVEL 1 certified scoreboard is the most advanced scoreboard of the entire range. It offers many options, such as displaying the timer, the score, the time-out countdown, the period number, team fouls (red square), 3 penalty times countdowns, players numbers and names (configurable via SCOREPAD), points by player and much more.

As a long-standing FIBA and FFBB supplier, Bodet Sport draws on over 50 years of expertise providing sports display solutions.

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SCOREPAD: the multi-media display control solution dedicated to basketball

The SCOREPAD touch screen keyboard allows control of Bodet Sport scoreboards dedicated to basketball. Ergonomic and intuitive, SCOREPAD easily manages all display types of a basketball sports hall, regardless of the Bodet scoreboard or the video support: LED screen or video cube.

Designed to adapt to the highest basketball rules as well as to meet the most simple needs of leisure training, in a few clicks, SCOREPAD allows management of the game level (FIBA, national, EuroLeague, and so on), the colour and marking of the teams jerseys, teams names, the number of points, the display of individual fouls and much more.

Touch-sensitive, ergonomic and easy to use, SCOREPAD is the control solution chosen by many basketball clubs both in France and abroad.

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Video display solutions for basketball

Enhance the highlights of basketball matches using video display solutions

Basketball is a media-friendly sport. The video display is the perfect solution to enhance the fan experience as well as game actions such as dunks and 3 points shoots. Much more than just a simple match, the basketball match becomes a real show for the fans and the supporters. The video intensifies the show, allows zooming in on match actions and rebroadcasting highlights.

LED screens are excellent communication supports which draw supporters’ attention, due to their size going from 7m² to 15m², their brightness as well as the animations displayed. Combined to a scoreboard, they ensure maximal visibility for the spectators.

In order to easily manage the different display supports such as scoreboards, video screens, video cubes and perimeter LED screens, Bodet Sport developed VIDEOSPORT and VIDEOMEDIA control software.

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Exclusive accessories dedicated to basketball

Exclusive accessories dedicated to basketball

Bodet Sport designed a complete range of accessories exclusively dedicated to basketball: possession displays, LED strips for basketball backboards, possession arrow, referee whistle.

According to the game level, the size of the sports hall or the budget, Bodet Sport offers 3 different possession displays to countdown the 24 seconds specific to a basketball match: the 6002C for competitions in small to medium-sized sports halls, the 8006 (FIBA LEVEL 2 certified) for medium-sized to big sports halls and the 6008 (FIBA LEVEL 1 certified) for big basketball competitions since it features a 4-sided display of possession time.

The Bodet Sport electronic whistle allows the referee to immediately stop the game clock in a single whistle blow. This innovative and patented whistle has been designed and manufactured in France to referee both amateur and high-level basketball games.


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