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Indoor team sports: displaying scores, animating sporting events and promoting your partners

All team sports played in indoor sports facilities

Some team sports require indoor practice, such as ball sports and sports derived from hockey. Sports display is suitable for facilities hosting indoor team sports. For handball, basketball or ice hockey, Bodet Sport offers scoreboards and LED video screens displaying game information dedicated to these sports.


Sports display dedicated to basketball

The essential indoor team sports

Indoor team sports are disciplines which are usually played in a sports hall. The most common indoor team sports such as basketball, handball or volleyball are played in many countries for leisure or competition.


Invented in the 1890’s, basketball is a sport appreciated by the public and recognised for the atmosphere of its competitions. The LED video screens contribute to animating the match by displaying game information and the scores directly from the control solutions adapted to the sports concerned. You provide a great atmosphere and give your spectators a unique experience.

Sports display dedicated to handball and volleyball


Originated in Germany, handball is a team sport comprising 2 teams of 7 players. Handball matches can attract a great number of spectators during big competitions such as international championships or the Olympic Games. During indoor competitions, the different ranges of Bodet Sport scoreboards offer a digit height from 15 to 25 cm to provide optimal readability during competitions in all types of facilities and field sizes.


Played in sports halls, volleyball is a sport originating in the United States with matches of 3 or 5 sets. Several models of Bodet Sport scoreboards are well suited for volleyball.

Display of information about the ongoing match, such as the score and players, is often used to enhance the spectator experience and provide clear and up-to-date information to spectators in real time.


Sports display dedicated to ice hockey and water polo

Team sports in specific environments

For some team sports, humidity and cold are demanding constraints. Ice hockey is an ice team sport originating in Canada, and mainly played in indoor skating rinks. Sports display plays a key role since scoreboards are often used to display scores, game time and penalty information. This helps the public to follow the game and understand the tactics and strategies used by the teams. Bodet Sport sports display solutions include scoreboards as well as LED video screens that can withstand the specific and demanding environment of a skating rink.

Likewise, water polo is an aquatic team sport played in pools and requiring equipment that can withstand humidity and water splashes. The BTX 6000 range of scoreboards with the BTX6120 WP scoreboard is particularly suitable for this type of environment.

Discover all our sports display control solutions

LED video display solutions for advertising

Our video solutions for advertising: an investment at the service of your team sports club

The video solutions from Bodet Sport can be customised in order to meet the rules of indoor team sports. LED video screens allow you to add additional advertising spaces, thus representing an additional source of revenue to your club.

  • Perimeter LED screens: Perimeter LED screens are suitable for the size of the field by combining several video modules. They can be easily positioned according to your needs. Robust and suitable for indoor game conditions, perimeter LED screens withstand ball impacts.
  • Scoreboards with built-in video screen: The range of scoreboards with built-in video screen completes the sports display of indoor sports halls by adding an advertising space.
  • Video cube and LED video screen: Whether fixed or mobile screens with hoists, they add a dynamic and central advertising space, visible to all in your facility.


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