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A connected application to keep track of your own score with your smartphone.

With SCOREAPP, everyone can be their own referee

The practice of leisure or competitive sport using the SCOREAPP solution. The system developed by Bodet Sport offers autonomous scoring management from your smartphone or smartwatch.

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SCOREAPP, a self-refereeing and timing solution

A self-refereeing and timing solution for sports complexes

SCOREAPP is a solution for free and autonomous management of scoring and timing. It offers an easy-to-use interface and a choice of 7 sports in order to energise and vary your sport practice. There are no constraints with SCOREAPP: using Wi-Fi, the connection is made by scanning 2 QR codes on your smartphone or by installing the application on an ANDROID smartwatch. It provides access to scoring for the general public.

Playing, scoring and tracking scores has never been so easy. Responsive, the SCOREAPP application immediately displays score results on the scoreboard or even on a simple TV screen thanks to its HDMI port.

The BTX6015 scoreboard offers optimal visibility of the scores using the application. SCOREAPP is also compatible with the rest of the Bodet Sport range as well as any screen with an HDMI socket.

Its interface is customisable with modular choices in order to adjust the rules of the sport according to your desires and practice. A two-set tennis match and a super tie-break in 10 points? A 15-point badminton set? A 20-minute football match? A 3x3 basketball match?

This product can also be used for a training session.

It’s up to you.

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How to manage a scoreboard using SCOREAPP?

The SCOREAPP scoring application is compatible with all sports facilities

Simplified compatability to adapt to your sports facility

Designed and developed by Bodet Sport teams, the SCOREAPP application is in line with the SCOREPAD system, with the two management tools being fully compatible. The application offers an interface based on autonomy as well as leisure and competition use.

Compatible with all smartphones and Android WearOS smartwatches, SCOREAPP manages a scoreboard through a secure Wi-Fi connection to the SCOREAPP box in order to display the score and the timer on the scoreboard but also directly on your smartphone.

The use of SCOREAPP is made possible by installing a box allowing a link to be made between your smartphone or smartwatch and your favorite display medium: scoreboard, TV screen or LED video screen. Once Wi-Fi connections are established, the match can begin.

A secure way to manage your scoreboards

The SCOREAPP box is linked to the media display. It is connected to the latter through a wired or radio connection. It provides a Wi-Fi connection that allows the player to access the SCOREAPP interface.

Also, it retrieves data (configurations and points) from the smartwatch or the smartphone before sending them to the scoreboard which will then display the scores. It is as simple as that. You can be sure that your equipment is safe to use. Sports complexes can be offered several options for controlling access to display media:

Controlled access to the SCOREAPP device

Controlled access to the SCOREAPP device: enable and disable connections with the turn of a key. And if the facility is equipped with a SCOREPAD keyboard, simply flip a switch to toggle back and forth between SCOREPAD and SCOREAPP.

Controlled connection to SCOREAPP using QR-based authentication

Controlled connection to SCOREAPP using QR-based authentication. Users will not be able to control the scoreboard without scanning the specific access QR codes.

The SCOREAPP asset for your sports facility

The SCOREAPP asset for your sports facility

Do you want your facility to provide a connected and dynamic solution? Ideal for sports halls, free or fee-based sports complexes and gymnasiums, the SCOREAPP application offers a playful and interactive format for managing scores and game time of your matches. Your facility becomes more professional by engaging its members and users with a high value-added service incorporating a concentration of technology.

You can use the scoreboard installed in your facility outside of official competitions to make your club more dynamic.

Bodet Sport teams provide you with customised assistance during the installation and use.

Product benefits

Compliant with sports regulations

more Compliant with sports regulations

Application meets rules of each sport.


more Connected

Manage scores and the timer in real time from your smartphone or smartwatch.

Possible sports



3X3 Basketball

3X3 Basketball











Technical information

  • Functions: Scores, timer, 3x3 possession
  • Remote score management (from a smartphone or WearOS smartwatch): Yes
  • Compatibility: smartphone, tablet, smartwatch
  • Number of sports: 7
  • Customisable game modes: Yes
  • Multi-media display (scoreboard, video screen, TV): Yes
  • Environment: indoor or sheltered
  • Facilities: gymnasiums, sports complexes, sports halls, city stadium
  • Power supply: 230V mains supply
  • Keyboard / Box: SCOREAPP Box (with secure access)
  • Connectors: HDMI, DIN
SCOREAPP information

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