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Video cubes for a 360° display

Video cube for sporting arenas

Designed for large sports facilities, the video cube gives a new display dimension to your sporting events. Animations, scores display, live broadcast, advertisement display: the video cube is a real asset for arenas.

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Multi-purpose LED giant screens and customised installation

Multi-purpose LED giant screens and customised installation

The video cubes offer a freedom of use related to the concept of LED video screens provided by Bodet Sport. It is possible to display all types of content through the use of the VIDEOSPORT software: scores, images, videos, and sponsor’s advertisements.

The video cube is an indoor video display media made up of 4 giant screens fixed on a suspended structure located at the centre of an arena. Giant screens makes your facility an ideal venue for hosting high-level sporting events.

Bodet Sport helps you design a video cube with a dedicated project team providing a comprehensive service which includes:

  • The analysis of mechanical constraints with the Bodet Sport design office.
  • The follow-up by a project manager.
  • The design and manufacture of structures in our factory.
  • The delivery and installation on site with our technical team.
The video cube for brand imaging at the cutting edge of technology

The video cube for brand imaging at the cutting edge of technology

Sporting events are more dynamic due to the use of the LED video cube. Suitable for facilities hosting high-level sports competitions, the giant screens of the video cube are impressive and allow enhancement of the competition.

The 360° view provided by the structure optimises the visibility for all spectators.

When installing this equipment in sports facilities, you are sending a strong and immersive brand image to the general public. As such, partners benefit from great visibility for broadcasting their advertisements.

Product benefits

Advertising space

more Advertising space

Video screens provide additional display space to shine the spotlight on the club’s partnerships.

Customisable display

more Customisable display

Choice of the format and type of display (videos, animations, images, scores) on built-in video screens


more Assistance

Bodet Sport provides training in the use of equipment and makes video tutorials available to make it easier to get started.

Technical information

  • Cube structure: steel
  • Screen pixel pitch: 3.9 mm to 10 mm
  • Mobile for easy maintenance
  • Reading angle: 160°
  • Dimensions: tailor-made
Technical information Video cube

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