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Animations and dynamic advertising at the pitch side

Perimeter LED screens

In addition to sports display, perimeter LED screens offer a new perspective to your display around the playing field. From animations to new advertising spaces,your facility becomes more professional by both showing the game and promoting your partners.

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Perimeter LED screens to make your playing fields more dynamic

Standalone LED screens to make sporting events more dynamic in sport clubs

Bodet Sport perimeter LED screens for indoor and outdoor use are easy to use. Advertisements and animations can be changed via software. It is necessary to connect a USB key or connect to the perimeter LED screens by Wi-Fi for the selection to be displayed on the screens. This solution is flexible, efficient and dynamic for easy management of your advertising spaces. Standalone LED screens are modular. As such, it is possible to choose the number of desired modules. For outdoor use, perimeter LED screens have a high brightness level so they can be seen clearly even in full sunlight. It is also possible to display new information on a regular basis in order to make the display more dynamic.

Bodet Sport offers turnkey packages including:

  • A 6 m perimeter LED screen
  • Software
  • A USB key

Perimeter LED screens meet the requirements of sports regulations by providing excellent readability regardless of lighting conditions. The perimeter LED screen is robust and secure with a top foam protection against impacts.

For a larger length of perimeter LED screens and professional display management, you can use the VIDEOMEDIA software.

Perimeter LED screens
Perimeter LED screens for promoting sponsors at the pitch side

Indoor or outdoor perimeter LED screens for promoting sponsors

Perimeter LED screens allow shining the spotlight on sponsors.

Offer your partners a customisable space in order to promote their advertisements. As a result, you develop your advertising display offer by providing advertisers with a privileged space within your sports facility. These LED video screens are controlled on a PC using the VIDEOMEDIA or VIDEOSPORT software.

This solution brings new opportunities for generating income for sports facilities. 

Product benefits

Tailor-made design

more Tailor-made design

Perimeter LED screens are adapted to the dimensions of fields and the size of the facilities.


more Robustness

Withstands ball impacts and extreme temperatures

Compliant with sports regulations

more Compliant with sports regulations

Video screen compliant with the regulations of facilities.

Technical information

  • Screen made up of several video modules: 1280 x 960 mm
  • Screen size (number of video modules): can be adjusted depending on the project
  • LED technology: 10 mm pixel pitch
  • Wide reading angle: 160° (horizontal) - 110° (vertical)
  • Brightness: 900 or 6000 candela/m²
  • Use: Indoor / outdoor
Technical information of the perimeter LED screen

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