Accessories to complete your sports display

Keyboards, shot clocks and accessories

Bodet Sport offers a range of accessories to complete scores and possession time displays, and to help with refereeing and all game times. Discover all the accessories to complete the offer of scoreboards, control solutions and video screens for sports facilities.

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Display and control of possession time during matches

Display and control of possession time

Bodet Sport offers a selection of shot clocks adapted to the different sizes of sports facilities as and the different disciplines requiring this type of display.


Counting down the possession time using the 24-second shot clocks

6008 shot clock

The 6008 shot clock (FIBA LEVEL 1 certified) has been especially designed for basketball competitions. It provides a 4-sided display of possession time. This shot clock is intended to be installed in large facilities such as arenas.

8006 shot clock

The 8006 shot clock has been designed for basketball (FIBA LEVEL 2 certified). It allows display and management of possession time during basketball matches. This shot clock is intended to be installed in large sports halls.

6002C shot clock

The 6002C 24-second shot clock has been especially designed for basketball. It has a built-in horn and HF radio communication. This shot clock is intended to be installed in small and medium-sized facilities hosting competitions.

The possession arrow

Displaying the ball possession by one of the teams during basketball matches using the possession arrow

During basketball games, the possession arrow displays the possession of the ball on the court and on the scoring table. Compatible with all scoreboards designed for basketball, the possession arrow is controlled by using a 3-position switch.

12-second possession time display for 3x3 basketball

3X3 basketball: Display of 12-second possession time

Especially designed for 3x3 basketball, the BTX6002 SOLO shot clock is an intuitive product for managing time possession both during competitions and training. For both indoor and outdoor use, the BTX6002 SOLO is robust and shock-resistant. It can either be set on the basketball backboard or placed on the floor. It is light and easy to transport. Furthermore, its waterproof casing makes it resistant to rain or wet environments.

The BTX6002 shot clock is also used to count down the 20 or 30 seconds of possession time in other sports such as water polo (BTX6002 WP).

The BTX6002 can be used in wired mode or radio mode by adding a modem. For easy installation, connect the keyboard to the display and start the match!

The possession keyboard

The possession keyboard for controlling shot clocks

Possession time, a crucial element in sports such as basketball or water polo, is controlled using the possession keyboard. It is possible to set the shot clocks to 12, 14, 24 or 30 seconds for basketball and water polo.

Yellow and red LED strips for possession and game time

Displaying possession and game time using yellow and red LED strips

Yellow: The yellow LED strip is a lighting system for basketball backboards. It is activated at the end of each period of possession. This yellow LED strip is placed horizontally at the top of the basketball backboard and is compatible with the whole range of Bodet Sport scoreboards for basketball.

Red: The red LED strip is a lighting system for basketball backboards. It is automatically activated at the end of each game period. The system is made up of 6 red LED strips and designed for optimal and customised integration on each backboard.

Help with refereeing during sporting events

Help with refereeing during sporting events

The electronic whistle

Stopping the game is just one whistle away

The electronic whistle allow referees to immediately stop the game clock at each whistle blow. The detection is based on an innovative concept ensuring excellent reliability (taking into account and analysing the ambient noise). Compatible with Bodet products from the 8000 and 6000 range, the electronic whistle is powered by batteries and connected to a microphone capturing the whistles. The associated referee box is lightweight and small enough to be worn on the referee’s belt.

Find out more about the electronic whistle
Start/stop hand switch

Start/stop hand switch

The start/stop hand switch allows stopping or starting the game clock for greater responsiveness and portability.

Goal indicator for ice hockey

Goal indicator for ice hockey

With a readability of up to 40 metres, the goal indicator for ice hockey is an essential accessory to follow the games. It displays the game clock status using 2 green indicators and validates goals using 2 red indicators. Designed to be used during competitions, the goal indicator is compatible with all Bodet Sport scoreboards dedicated to ice hockey.

Displaying player changes

Displaying player changes and overtime periods

Essential during football or rugby matches, the player substitution and overtime period board allows the display of the incoming/outgoing player or overtime minutes. The keyboard is integrated on the back of the board. The board also has an advertising space (450x80mm).

All our solutions for game time management

All our solutions for game time management

Game clock and game clock-score repeaters

Duplicating match information using the game clock repeater or the game clock-score repeater

Compatible with the 6000 range of scoreboards, the game clock repeater displays the game clock of your sporting events. The game clock-score repeater allows displaying game information such as the game clock, game time, the half-time countdown and scores in the changing or press rooms. Visible up to 40 metres away, the repeater has a wired connection with Bodet Sport scoreboards.

The time-out remote control system

The time-out remote control system to control stoppages in play

The time-out remote control system allows handball and water polo coaches to call a time-out during the match. The time-out remote control system operates in parallel with the SCOREPAD keyboard, thus allowing control from the time-out buttons near the coaches.

The Xtrem keyboard for controlling the BTX6015 scoreboard

Controlling the BTX6015 scoreboard using the Xtrem keyboard

The XTREM keyboard is shock resistant and allows management of BTX6015 scoreboards which are particularly suitable for the practice of futsal, five-a-side football and football. Easy to use and designed to withstand all impacts generated by the practice of these sports, this keyboard has a radio communication with the scoreboard.

The additional horn for completing the sound system of scoreboards

The additional horn is available for all ranges of scoreboards. This is an electro-pneumatic horn placed near the scoreboard. It can achieve a sound level of 120 dB at 1 metre. Horns can also be used with LED video screens.


2000 range

For outdoor use: IP54,
120 dB at 1 metre.


6000 range

Indoor use only (non-watertight casing),
110 dB at 1 metre.

Video range

Dedicated to the video display
Indoor use only (non-watertight casing)
120 dB at 1 metre.

High power

Indoor use only (non-watertight casing),
120 dB at 1 metre

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