How to manage futsal sports display?

Scoreboards, TV screens and video cubes, control solutions: which equipment to choose for futsal?

Played between two teams of five players each, futsal is an indoor team sport that requires accurate timing and scoring. For amateur matches or international championships, Bodet Sport designs scoreboards and control solutions dedicated to futsal and compliant with FIFA and UEFA regulations. Used in a sports hall, a recreation hall or an arena, our control solutions display match information on TV, video screens and perimeter LED screens.


Scoreboards adapted to futsal rules

Scoreboards adapted to futsal rules

Perfectly suitable for departmental and regional sporting events, the BTX6015 scoreboard sets the pace of futsal training sessions and matches by displaying the timer, the score and the dot stop timer. This scoreboard is compact, mobile and easily transported thanks to its tripod. It can also be attached to the wall. The BTX6015 scoreboard is compatible with the POCKET and SCOREPAD control keyboards.

Complete, the 8015 scoreboard is ideally suited to regional and national competitions. It is available in HOME/GUEST version (stickers) or alphanumeric version (team names and scrolling message customisable). It displays the score, the game time, team fouls, the time-out countdown, the period number… It is compatible with the SCOREPAD touch screen keyboard.

Last but not least, the 8T220 scoreboard is suitable for high-level futsal practice (national or international). It is the most advanced scoreboard from the entire range. In addition to displaying all the information of the 8015 scoreboard, it also shows the penalty time countdown, the reminder of the last individual foul or the time-out countdown. Just like the 8015 model, it is also available in HOME/GUEST version or in alphanumeric version, thus allowing team customisation. It is compatible with the SCOREPAD control keyboard.


SCOREPAD, the touch screen keyboard managing futsal scores display

SCOREPAD, the touch screen keyboard managing futsal scores display

The futsal programme from SCOREPAD has been developed by our experts to suit the specific rules of this sport. The SCOREPAD keyboard manages scores display on scoreboards, TVs (HDMI connections), perimeter LED screens and LED video screens. Simple, intuitive and ergonomic, SCOREPAD offers 3 possible match configurations, all of them respecting the different futsal versions: 2x20 minute futsal, 2x15 minute futsal, 2x8 minute futsal.

It offers complete customisation of match information: duration of each period, adding a time, adding a blue card, visualising all suspended players, jersey and marking colours, team names... Once the SCOREPAD keyboard is installed, match officials select Futsal among the selection of available sports, program configurations... and game on!


SCOREAPP: managing futsal scoring from a smartphone or a connected watch

SCOREAPP: managing futsal scoring from a smartphone or a connected watch

Keep track of your own scored thanks to the SCOREAPP futsal program, the perfect interface for displaying match information on futsal fields. Combining remote score management and connected objects, this technology developed by Bodet Sport design office gives each user the possibility to self-referee their own match via smartphone or connected watch.

Did someone score a goal? All you have to do is report it on your watch or smartphone, and SCOREAPP will make sure it is displayed on the scoreboard. A scored goal is automatically displayed!


Capture memorable futsal actions using video display

Capture memorable futsal actions using video display

Futsal is a lively and dynamic sport. Simultaneously displaying match highlights or information on TV or LED video screen is a true asset. Likewise, perimeter LED screens allow promotion of sponsors’ and partners’ advertisements.

For local and departmental sporting events, opt for standalone video packages: a turnkey video solution adapted to the small budgets of small clubs. Perimeter LED screen, standalone screen or screen integrated into the scoreboard: all these solutions are suitable for all facilities. Choose the option best suited to your sports hall: attached to the wall, suspended or on a mobile stand and opt for the size you need, 4 or 6 modules.

Easy to use, standalone video packages come with control software which allows creation and customisation of video playlists in just a few clicks, directly from a PC with a Wi-Fi connection.

The video display is a true asset for every futsal club, regardless of its size. Besides, these display media quickly pay for themselves through the sale of advertising spaces, which become a real source of income for clubs.


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