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LED video screens and SCOREPAD keyboard: your equipment dedicated to American football

American football: Scoring display and management solutions for your sporting events

American football is a team sport which faces two teams of 11 players each, alternating between defensive and offensive phases on a 120 yards long field, including end zones. Known for its efficient outdoor display equipment, Bodet Sport has an LED video screen range with several pixel pitches to suit different reading distances and associated control solutions to animate American football matches of your club.


Sports display of American football

Timing and distance as a guideline for a successful sports display

As a strategic discipline, American football is a sport based on time and distance travelled to score points.

The SCOREPAD touch screen keyboard meets the demanding needs of this American sport. This control tool which allows you to customise and display match information, ensures efficient management and precise tracking of the scoring. A control solution that is ideally suited to American football.

Video display on a LED screen with associated control is also available to complete your stadium equipment.

American football: LED screens for sports display

American football: LED screens for sports display

Essential for your American football matches, video screens managed via the SCOREPAD are safely installed outdoors. Your sporting events will evolve and become more dynamic with these video screens offering you complete freedom of display.

You will be able to display the following elements: time, score as well as information of the local and the visiting team.

Customised graphics and animations provide an immersive experience for your audience.


Bodet Sport products adapted to American football

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