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Which scoring solutions to choose for baseball, softball and cricket?

Scores display and control solutions for batting sports

Baseball and softball are similar team sports as softball is a variant of baseball. To referee, display scores and digitise matches on a video screen, Bodet Sport offers different video display media and control solutions. Compliant with baseball and softball regulations, our solutions have been designed for outdoor use in a stadium thus offering perfect readability for baseball and softball fields. In addition to these two sports, Bodet Sport developed a display solution for outdoor cricket, complying with the different regulations of competitions.


Scores display on giant screen which meets baseball and softball rules

Scores display on giant screen which meets baseball, softball and cricket rules

The video screen is the perfect score display medium for baseball, softball and cricket. Easily customisable and controlled from the SCOREPAD touch screen keyboard, the video display allows display of all match and competition information as well as the score per team.

Tailor-made to adapt to the dimensions of baseball, softball and cricket fields, the video screens from Bodet Sport have been developed to meet all outdoor climatic conditions. Robust, they withstand humidity, condensation, dust intrusion, bad weather, heat waves but also vandalism and ball impacts even those propelled by a bat!


SCOREPAD: the touch screen keyboard managing baseball scores displays

SCOREPAD: the touch screen keyboard managing baseball, softball and cricket scores displays

Developed by Bodet Sport design office teams, the SCOREPAD control keyboard is a modern and touch- sensitive score control solution. For use by match officials, SCOREPAD allows control of the video screen of your stadium thanks to its HDMI output. It also displays all the ongoing match information in real time: scores and refereeing elements.

On SCOREPAD, each sport is developed according to its own game rules. It meets specific rules and requirements of baseball, softball and cricket with 2 different programmes. Multiple configuration possibilities are available for match officials: customisation of team names, jersey colour, batters and pitchers names.

Easy to use, its user-friendly, intuitive interface allows quick understanding of the way it works.


Giant screens and perimeter LED screens add to the experience of each baseball and softball match

Giant screens and perimeter LED screens add to the experience of each baseball, softball and cricket match

Game action is specific to baseball, softball and cricket. The video display is the perfect solution for following the actions and the score thanks to big screens.

To make your facility more complete, opt for a tailor-made perimeter LED screen or a standalone video package (2, 3 or 4 modules). These are perfect solutions for displaying sponsors’ advertisements and promoting club partners.

Purchased by clubs, these turnkey LED video solutions quickly pay for themselves through the sale of advertising spaces to partners and sponsors. After the return on investment, these solutions become real sources of income for clubs.


Bodet Sport products adapted to baseball, softball and cricket

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