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Broadcast your sporting events in real time with Swish Live, partner of Bodet Sport

Swish Live, the application for broadcasting your matches on social media

With Switch Live, broadcast your matches live on social media. The SCOREPAD bluetooth interface allows you to ensure broadcast in real time with the score and game time superimposed.

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Swish Live, an Android application for broadcasting your sporting events

The Android application for broadcasting your sporting events

The Swish Live application available on an Android smartphone is complemented by the BODET SPORT Bluetooth accessory in order to ensure perfect image and score synchronisation on the broadcast video.

Your club is active on social media and you wish to bring the match to life for your supporters?

Thanks to the combination of Swish Live and BODET SPORT, broadcast live a match with score and game time superimposed automatically on your social media (Facebook, Youtube...).

Intuitive functionalities for broadcasting sporting events

  • Relive the best moments: With the Swish Live application connected to the SCOREPAD keyboard from Bodet Sport, you can record the highlights of your sporting event. You can then post the clips to your social media accounts to animate the content and provide memorable images to your community.
  • Your match from all angles: The video broadcast of your sporting events takes on a new dimension with Swish Live. The application allows to use and connect several cameras simultaneously in order to have more angles. Give your spectators an immersive experience from your social media.
  • Clear and accurate information in real time: Manage and broadcast the scoring information of your sporting event using the application linked to the SCOREPAD.
  • Control your broadcast videos remotely: The configuration from your smartphone offers a remote control functionality. The “remote” functionality allows remote management of your broadcast videos.

Product benefits

Easy management

more Easy management

An intuitive solution to easily connect your applications to your SCOREPAD.


more Connected

Swish Live allows broadcasting on all social media giving the possibility to broadcast live: Facebook, Youtube, Swish Live TV...

Required configuration

  • An Android smartphone to film the match in real time
  • A Swish Live subscription to use the mobile application
  • A Scorepad keyboard
  • A SCOREPAD/bluetooth interface
  • A 4G or 5G internet connection (on the smartphone)
Swish Live Configuration

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