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Basketball 3x3 Scoreboards


Display match information with basketball 3x3 scoreboards

3X3 is a form of basketball with two opposing teams of three players. Governed by the FIBA, this discipline requires several stats to be displayed such as game time, scores and possession time. Bodet works closely with the FIBA and the FFBB to develop 3x3 basketball scoreboards.

Bodet - Basketball Scoreboard - BTX6015 Basket 3x3

Viewing distance: 60 m
Dimensions: W1079 x H385 x D90,5 mm

Bodet - Possession time display for 3x3 basketball - BTX 6002 SOLO

Viewing distance: 90 m
Dimensions: W450 x H330 x D295 mm

Bodet - Multisport Scoreboard BT6120 Alpha

Viewing distance: 90 m
Dimensions: W2000 x H1000 x D80mm

Bodet - Touch Screen Keyboard

Wireless or wired
Dimensions: W380 x H200 x D60 mm

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