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Scoreboards of Parc des Sports de Beaublanc

Basketball Scoreboard - in France

Built in 1981, the Parc des Sports de Beaublanc lies within Limoges' city sports park. It hosts the renowned CSP Limoges basketball team as well as various sporting events: the Davis Cup, the Fed Cup tennis competition and handball and women's basketball games. It was in the Beaublanc gym that the first LNB All-Star Game was held in 1987.

Equipped with top-level BT6730 7M 12P H10 Basketball Scoreboards, the club can customise the name of 12 players and display all the information necessary for playing high-level basketball. Thescoreboard’s built-in LED video screen takes games to the next level via ads and multimedia content. Furthermore, the possession time displays show the 24-second countdown.


The Parc des Sports de Beaublanc Gymnasium

The Parc des Sports de Beaublanc Gymnasium


Basketball Scoreboards installed





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