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For over forty years, Bodet Sport has designed and manufactured indoor and outdoor electronic scoreboards for multisports: Basketball, handball, football, beach soccer, etc.

Our scoreboards feature the main elements for all sports: Timer, scores, period, team fouls, team names, etc.

Our sport scoreboards meet the recommendations of sports regulations and we supply many international competitions and thousands of clubs & schools worldwide.


of our electronic LED scoreboards:


Scoreboards for all sporting venues

Our extensive range of sports scoreboards meets the varied requirements of sports clubs and communities: central video cubes for arenas, outdoor scoreboard for stadiums or indoor scoreboard for sports halls.

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Customised sports display according to the playing-level and the particular sport

Our job is to interpret the rules of play of the various sports so that the vital information is displayed on our scoreboards (timer, scores, team names, etc.) as well as specific game information for individual sports.

We are known for our innovative solutions and our new 8000 series sports scoreboards use less electricity while guaranteeing optimal readability.

The different character sizes plus the choice of information displayed make it possible to manufacture a scoreboard adapted to the location, the targeted sport and the level of play (local, regional, national, international). Ask us for a quote for a new 8000 range sports scoreboard.


A touch panel to control all our sports equipment

All 8000 series scoreboards as well as our LED video solutions (video cubes, LED screens, etc.) are controlled from the Bodet Scorepad. Well-designed, tactile and intuitive, both amateurs and pros find it easy to use for timing their sporting competitions.

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