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Sports display for Field Hockey

Scoreboards and control software for sports facilities hosting Field Hockey competitions

Originated in England, field hockey is a team sport both played indoors and outdoors. As this is a multi-surface sport, it can be played in sports halls as well as in stadiums. For competitions, Bodet Sport equipment ensure an optimum level of performance for displaying and scoring your field hockey matches.


Control and display the scores of your field hockey matches

Control and display the scores of your field hockey matches

During these sporting events, scoring display is essential as tracking the ball during a match can be quite difficult. Strategic moves are fast and it is quite easy to miss an action.

Bodet Sport offers software solutions allowing you to highlight the most memorable actions of a match while displaying the score and game time.

The BTX6025 MS scoreboard provides your supporters with optimal visibility from 60 to 120 metres on the field. This scoreboard from the BTX6000 range allows you to display time-outs, end of period, the score, the period number as well as total team fouls.


SCOREPAD: the control solution dedicated to Field Hockey

SCOREPAD: a control solution for a sport with multiple applications

Field Hockey rules require a high level of responsiveness. Bodet Sport offers equipment that allows optimised management of scoring display in real time. The SCOREPAD takes into account all the specificities of this sport to provide personalised scoring management.

  • A simplified interface: to meet the responsiveness of this sport during competitions
  • A multi-purpose solution: to adapt to all your sports facilities.
  • Customisation of the match: shown on your LED screens with the display of team names, colours and players.

More information about SCOREPAD

LED screens to animate your Field Hockey matches

LED screens to animate your Field Hockey matches

In order to best follow match information and decisive actions, Bodet Sport offers a range of video solutions that allows you to highlight the score, but also to promote the players as well as the partners of your sports facility.

Regardless of the size of your sports facility, our teams can provide you with a catalogue of video equipment to help you digitise your facility. LED screens controlled via SCOREPAD or video control systems equipped with the VIDEOSPORT software have a resolution according to the distance of your audience but also the chosen pixel pitch (from 3.6 to 16 depending on the situation).


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