Scoreboard, control keyboard, LED screen: your sports display equipment suitable for Korfball

Korfball: Scoreboards, LED screen and video control system for your competitions and much more

Invented in 1902 in the Netherlands, korfball includes more than 80 national federations across the world. A team sport that brings men and women together in a spirit of collaboration. Bodet Sport designed a range of scoreboards, a touch screen control keyboard and a video display offer suitable for the practice of korfball whether for leisure or competition.


Efficient sports display for Korfball

Efficient sports display for your sports facility

As a sport practised both indoors and outdoors, korfball is played on a field of 40x20 or 60x30 metres. The field is divided into 2 zones including a tall post with a basket. Korfball playing conditions allow you to install sports display systems within your sports facilities. Bodet Sport designed scoreboards suitable for the practice of korfball:

  • The 8T125-F6 allows display of scores, the timer as well as of the period number and individual fouls. With its digits of 25 cm height, this scoreboard offers optimal visibility and is suitable for your official competitions.
  • The 8T220 is a perfect scoreboard for school, departmental and regional competitions. It displays the score, the timer as well as the penalty times of each team. With an optimal readability up to 90 metres, it is suitable for the dimensions of your korfball field.


Korfball score management

Score management for a cooperative sport

Did you know that when 2 points are scored, teams change zones: defenders become attackers and attackers become defenders? During a match, displaying scores is essential to best follow the match. SCOREPAD is the touch screen keyboard for accurate score management and real-time display. This control tool is highly customisable and intuitive.

The collaborative spirit of this mixed sport, where each team is made up of 4 men and 4 women, is a real asset for advertisers interested in your sport and its facility. It is possible to promote your partners in order to make your sports facility’s digitisation investments profitable.

To do so, standalone LED screens and perimeter LED screens associated with the VIDEOMEDIA software allow you to promote your partners. These are easily suitable for advertising management or other information you wish to display.


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