Scoring display and video solutions for netball

Scoreboards, LED screen and control keyboard: the essential equipment of your sports facility suitable for netball

Originated in the United Kingdom in the 1890’s, netball is a team sport played by two teams of 7 players. Popular in Commonwealth countries, netball shares similarities with basketball. As specialist in ball sports, Bodet Sport offers scoreboards as well as a scoring control solution suitable for the practice of netball.


SCOREPAD, the touch screen keyboard for managing netball scoring display

SCOREPAD, the touch screen keyboard for managing netball scoring

SCOREPAD is the perfect tool for managing netball scoring. Highly customisable, the dedicated netball program on the touch screen keyboard allows you to adapt the scoring display, whether for leisure or competition.

As a touch screen keyboard associated with scoreboards, SCOREPAD accompanies your sporting events with all possible and available elements to be displayed on your scoreboards or video screens.

Animate your netball matches with SCOREPAD!

Bodet Sport scoreboards suitable for the practice of netball

Netball: scoreboards suitable for the practice of your sports facility

Netball is a sport played both indoors and outdoors. As a result, your sports facility can benefit from several ranges of Bodet Sport scoreboards.

2045 Classic

The 2045 Classic is a classic scoreboard with a large size for optimal visibility, which displays game time and scores. This scoreboard is installed outdoors.

BTX6025 MS

This multipurpose scoreboard accompanies your indoor and outdoor matches. It displays the score, the timer, team fouls, the period number and the time-out indicator. Accurate and comprehensive, all information you need during your netball match can be controlled via SCOREPAD and displayed on the BTX6025 MS scoreboard.


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