A scoreboard dedicated to professional ice hockey

BTX6425 ALPHA HK indoor and outdoor scoreboard

This scoreboard has been specifically designed for high-level ice hockey as it displays: period number, time-out indicator, exclusion indicator, exclusion timer, and so on.

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All ice hockey essential game information is displayed on the BTX6425 ALPHA HK scoreboard

A scoreboard for high-level sports

The BTX6425 ALPHA HK scoreboard displays key information for national and international ice hockey competitions: 2 and 5 minute exclusion timer Number 1 with players numbers Number 2, 2, 5 and 10 minute exclusion indicators Number 3, and so on. Designed for high-level sports, this scoreboard offers the possibility to customise team names or to display a scrolling message.

The BTX6425 ALPHA HK is perfectly suited to skating rinks

Robust and reliable. Designed for skating rinks

The BTX6425 ALPHA HK scoreboard can be used for permanent outdoor use and in aggressive environments such as skating rinks. It is made of resistant materials to withstand corrosion, cold and humidity (IP 44 protection index), etc. To ensure its robustness, its thermoplastic glass and aluminium casing makes it shockproof (standard DIN 18032) in the event of ball impacts. (Nevertheless, to protect from impact from pucks, also use a protective net).

Product benefits

French manufacture

more Manufactured in France

Scoreboard manufactured in Trémentines (France) in an ISO 14001 certified production site due to its good environmental performance


more Sustainable

Scoreboard guaranteed for 2 years by Bodet Sport and spare parts available more than 10 years after the end of marketing.

Compliant with sports regulations

more Compliant with sports regulations

Scoreboard meets ice hockey rules.

Scoreboard compatibility

Ice hockey

Ice hockey

Technical information

  • Information displayed: Game time - hour, dot stop timer, scores, period number, penalty time countdown with player’s number or display of won sets, time-out indicators, exclusion indicator, penalty times, configurable team names
  • Dimensions: L4620 x H1000 x D80 mm
  • Weight: 190 kg
  • Digit height: 25 cm
  • Letter height: 12 cm
  • Reading angle: 160°
  • Optimal reading distance: 80 to 120 metres
  • Environment: Indoor and outdoor
  • Horn: Integrated (100 dB at 1 metre)
  • Communication: Wired or HF radio
  • Mounting options: Wall or suspended
  • Power supply: Mains supply 230 V
Dimensions BTX6425 ALPHA HK scoreboard

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