Multisport Scoreboard BT6015

Time your competitions using the Multisport Scoreboard

The BT6015* scoreboard is a small multi-sport scoreboard with dynamic display of team names.

It is a simple and affordable solution that allows for the display of key information for most sports. This multisport scoreboard is designed for sports halls hosting school and county competitions.


* This scoreboard is also available with programmable teams' names.



Scoreboards Technical Features of Multisport Scoreboard BT6015

Display Game clock - Time , Game clock stop indicator, Scores, Period number , Time out countdown, Time out indicators, Team fouls , Won sets
Max digits height 15 cm
Viewing angle 160°
Dimensions 115 x 75 x 8 cm
Optimal viewing distance 60 m
Environment Indoor use or under shelter
Horn Integrated
Communication Wireless 868 MHz or wired
Power supply 230V/ 110V

Why choose a Bodet scoreboard?

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