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Basketball Scoreboard BTX6015 Basket 3x3

Time your 3x3 basketball games using the BTX6015 scoreboard

The outdoor BTX6015 3x3 scoreboard is specially designed for 3x3 Basketball games.

The pack contains: the BTX6015 display panel, the BTX6002 shotclock, the main keyboard, the shotclock keyboard and the tripod.

Portable display panels for indoor or outdoor use.


Scoreboards Technical Features of Basketball Scoreboard BTX6015 Basket 3x3

Technical specifications

BTX6015     BTX6002  
Max digits height: 15 cm   Max digits height: 20 cm
Viewing angle: 160°   Viewing angle: 160°
Dimensions : 108 x 39 x 9 cm   Dimensions : 45 x 31 cm
Optimal viewing distance: 60 m   Optimal viewing distance: 90 m
Environment: Indoor or outdoor   Environment: Indoor or outdoor
Horn: Integrated   Horn: Non
Technology: High brightness SMD LEDs   Technology: High brightness SMD LEDs
Communication : Wireless 868 MHz   Communication : Wired communication
Material: Aluminium casing   Material: Aluminium casing
Shockproof (DIN test): Yes   Shockproof (DIN test): Yes
Power supply: 230V/110V
or battery
  Power supply: Powered by BTX6015
Display Game clock - Time , Game clock stop indicator, Scores, Possession time
Max digits height 15 cm
Viewing angle 160°
Dimensions W1079 x H385 x D90,5 mm
Optimal viewing distance 60 m

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