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3x3 Basketball: it has never been so easy to manage possession time


The BTX 6002 SOLO is the possession time display designed especially for 3x3 basketball. It is an essential tool for managing time in competitive games and also in training. Intuitive, robust, waterproof and easy to install, the BTX 6002 SOLO has everything you need!

The perfect product for managing time in 3x3 basketball

Whether in mid-dribble, on the counter, dunking or doing a fadeaway… the BTX 6002 SOLO is always easy to read. The 20 cm digits in high-brightness red LEDs can be read quickly from up to 90 metres away.

What if a misplaced shot hits the casing? No need to panic, it is very robust and shock-resistant on the inside and out. Its waterproof case means you do not need to worry about rain. What’s more, this product blends in well with the setting, it can either be set on the basket or placed on the floor. It is lightweight so you can easily transport it and move it where you like.

On court there will be no excuse for holding on to the ball too long! The 90 dB internal buzzer (sound level of a lawnmower) goes off when the 12 seconds of play are up, and you will not fail to hear it.

And in order to adapt to your needs, you can choose the connection mode:
- Wired: with 30-metre cable (included)
- Radio mode: with modem (optional extra)

The BTX 6002 SOLO comes with a keyboard.

Supplement your possession display with our ScorePad and scoreboards

For an even more intuitive, easy and complete game: combine the time display with our ScorePad multisport touchscreen keyboard and compatible scoreboard. Time, score, team, foul ... the match management is in your hands!

To sum up, the BTX 6002 SOLO can be used autonomously or together with other products from the Bodet Sport range such as the ScorePad and display boards for basketball.

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