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See the whole of our new 8000 range of scoreboards!


New Gamme 800 Bodet


The whole of our new 8000 range of scoreboards, is now available on bodet-sport.com!



Bodet, an expert in sports displays for over 50 years, is continuing to innovate by offering even more impressive solutions: the 8000 range represents the new generation in Bodet scoreboards.

Indoor sports display boards with a modern design and easy to use. They can be controlled via our Scorepad touchscreen keyboard and consume less electricity due to a reduced number of LEDs.

However, the optimum reading is unchanged, just like the wide choice of scoreboards and modules (penalty time, fouls, etc.).

Our new scoreboards can be adapted for all sports activities such as Basketball, Handball, Badminton, Floorball and can be upgraded according to the level of play: amateur, regional, national…

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