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How to promote a return to sport despite the safety and economical challenges?

The COVID-19 pandemic stopped all sports activities accross the world. Today, as we ease gradually back to normal, all sports clubs, leisure centres and local authorities are needing to find new creative ways to reopen sports facilities while complying with health and hygiene guidelines.

So how can you provide a broad range of sports activities that comply with these constraints? What solution can be implemented to remind of barrier gestures efficiently in sports facilities? What are the options for funding access to quality sports equipment on a tight budget? Focus on solutions.


3x3 basketball court

Back to sport: a social and economic challenge.

Sport is a means of social contact. It creates dialogue and proximity between classmates, colleagues, friends, family, etc. It boosts our psychological wellbeing, which can often suffer during lockdown. It is vital that we create a renewed sense of motivation and enthusiasm – and sport is one of the best ways to unlock this. One option is to develop urban areas dedicated to sport, for example 3x3 basketball.

But this is also a time of shrinking budgets. Sports clubs and local authorities want to put together an attractive package of sports activities but whitin a limited budget. It’s an important and often decisive factor to take into account when choosing a new solution. This is true for all type of facility.

Tennis ScoreApp

Control a scoreboard without touching the console?

Impossible? Actually yes, there is now a solution. Meet ScoreApp. This technology allows users to control the scoreboard directly from their smartphone or smartwatch using a free app. It makes it possible to play sports (futsal, 3x3 basketball, padel, tennis, badminton, multisport) without touching the scoring equipment. This new feature addresses the challenges of both health and economical challenges:

  • Individual players control the scoreboard from their own device: no keyboard to share or handle between different people
  • The app itself is free and unlimited
  • Within one venue (sports hall, sports arena, sports centre, stadium, gymnasium, etc.), a single ScoreApp installation is all that’s needed to allow all users (clubs, customers, etc.) to manage the scoreboard


ScoreApp app Multisport display
outdoor field

Generate revenue and display reminders for barrier measures.

Thanks to the flexibility of an advertising video display.

On the other hand, it presents a clear economic advantage that facilities of all sizes can enjoy: while using these screens to promote sponsors, they can also generate significant advertising revenue.

On the other, the user-friendly integrated software can be used to broadcast any other message such as reminders for general barrier measures and sports-specific safety guidelines.

Always on your side!

We are on hand to assist and advise, and to give you all the technical support you need. Please feel free to ask us about your project. Your message will be forwarded straight to your local sales contact.


Why choose a Bodet scoreboard?

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    N°1 in
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    A dedicated
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    Availability & Proximity
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